Evaluations are conducted as a development tool for sectors that require personnel supplementation. The company's performance results are shared with its members as compensation for the growth of both the company as well as its employees.


Continuous Hiring

  • Announcements are posted on our website whenever personnel recruitment is required for new hires.

Evaluation Categories

  • Performance Assessment: MBO method performance assessment (Biannual, first and second half of the year).
  • Competency Assessment: Assessment of required capabilities per occupational group (Annual).
  • Behavioral Assessment: Assessment of fundamental behavioral elements required as an INTOPS employee (Annual).

Evaluations are conducted for development purposes to determine the level of individual performance and capacity as well as examine the strengths and development needs.

Evaluations are intended to identify self-development needs and encourage behavioral changes by providing feedback for the target's strengths and weaknesses while maintaining fairness and objectivity.


Bonuses are provided based on biannual performance assessments.

Special bonuses may be provided based on company performance results.

Benefit Package

INTOPS operates a performance-oriented pay system according to competency and achievements and maintains competitive salary levels within the industry in terms of total compensation.
Notably, a supplementary Incentive Bonus system is actively administered according to company performance, and in cases of outstanding business performance, the company's performance results are shared with its members for the growth of both the company as well as its employees.

Student Financial Aid

  • Student financial aid for employees' children (High school & university)

Training & Education

  • Support for educational activities to foster self-improvement and business expertise.

Various Family Events

  • Support for various family-related congratulations and condolences including marriage, sixtieth birthdays, and untimely deaths.

Long-term Employee International Travel Expenses

  • Support for annual international travel expenses for long-term employees with over 5 years of employment (including spouse).


  • Support for various interest groups including sports (baseball, hiking, etc.) and hobbies.

Filial Piety

  • Monthly filial piety support provided for an employee's (including spouse) parent at least 70 years of age. (Date selectable)

Meals and Insurance

  • National Pension, health insurance, employment insurance, accident insurance


  • A variety of programs are available for the children of employees (Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province).

Fitness Center

  • Employee health and fitness (Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province)


  • Simple meals or snacks, coffee, tea, etc. are provided for employee well-being and morale.
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