Intops HR

The core personnel management philosophy at INTOPS is that people are the principal factor in company management. We believe that a company's success is determined by how people’s abilities are developed and utilized.
Thus, INTOPS has established a personnel management system and policies to facilitate the demonstration of the utmost of their abilities voluntarily and enthusiastically.

  • Principle
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Communication

Adherence to principles and standards

  • Devotion to basic principles of the organization and duties based on honesty, trust and appropriate values.

Passion and positive mindset

  • Face challenges with a passion for the work; have a sense of unity for the organization; approach future challenges with a positive mindset and attitude; and pursue common values.

Creative thinking

  • Play a leading role in innovation and change by demonstrating creativity to create value for customers and the company.

Communication with an open mind

  • Acknowledge diversity with an open mind and heart, and overcome generational, class, and regional gaps to communicate with colleagues, neighbors, and society with care.
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