We offer services and products based on creative thinking and endless passion—so anyone will be able to think freely and joyfully and turn their dreams into reality.


Through the mutual growth of our customers, employees, partner companies, and the community in which we operate, customers receive new value based on innovative product manufacturing technology and materials. By 2020, we'll be a design and manufacturing total solution company and reach annual sales two trillion Korean won.

Growing Together with

Growing Together with


We are all pursuing happiness. INTOPS executives are creating a positive organizational culture that believes the happiness of individual members empowers the company's growth.

INTOPS' corporate culture builds trust and encourages the sharing of opinions. Goals to achieve by 2020 include joining the domestic Top 10 GWP and Top 100 most preferred companies for employment. INTOPS pledges to continue:

Regarding people as the most valuable asset and developing their abilities to the fullest

  • Development of key figures (Leadership development program, MBA program support, Management training course)
  • Improve basic abilities (Mentor system, New employee education/training, Online education, Lectures from invited experts)
  • Strengthening job competence (Position-relevant expertise training, External specialist consultation service)

Being a desirable company: professional and socially sound activities

  • Work & Life Balance (Family Day, Employee clubs, Overseas trips with family, Support for family weddings/funerals School tuition support, Dorm/housing stability fund support)
  • Suggestion system (Suggestions to improve work-related systems, R&D suggestions)
  • Work environment (Compliment coupons, Courteous listening/consideration campaign)

Rewarding achievements, evaluating and promoting employees fairly

  • Achievement awards system (Achievement-based awards, Best suggestion/idea compensation, Overseas training for outstanding employees)
  • Promotion bonus system (Promotion bonuses based on fair employee evaluations, Fast tracking for key employees with outstanding achievement)


We are developing colors, materials, and finish technologies that empower INTOPS designers to commercialize ideas and turn them into reality. Manufacturing technologies allow reasonable pricing so products with INTOPS technologies reach more people.

Our goal of '100% Design Flexibility' is about making every design and material into a top of the line product capable of being mass produced in our ONE-STOP SOLUTION while adhering to the designer's original intentions.

Strengthen internal capabilities to offer products and designs that meet our customers' desires

  • Active and creative organizational structure (strengthen materials research, construct a design center)
  • Organic linkage of R&D (Advanced development) and mass production development (Systemization of development process, Strengthening of advanced development ability)

Innovative planning to strengthen our customer competitiveness

  • Innovative processing technology (Development of new manufacturing technologies, Development of process automation, Expansion of TF actions for advanced process)
  • Secure cost competitiveness (Minimization of materials, Creation of cost control system, Real-time monitoring)

Securing the best product quality

  • Obtain the golden yield (Achievement of stable and comprehensive yields, Establishment of management system for stable yields)
  • Strengthen product quality management (Systematic process for ensuring quality consistency, Reinforcement of worker training, Establishment of automated inspections)


Our partner companies' competitive edge is our competitive edge.

In maintaining our principle that our partner companies' growth is our growth, we will continue to promote innovation and technology development together and create a business environment that ensures mutual corporate vitality.

INTOPS' continuous support programs for partner companies ensures mutual growth.

Form consultative groups to prepare systematic partner company support

  • Liaison and cooperation for partner support companies and accomplish collaborative projects (INTOPS' family agreement meeting development and support programs for cooperative companies)

Strengthen fair dealings and business ethics

  • Strengthen fair dealings system (Regular fair dealings education for internal executives, Evaluation standard for fairness of partner companies)
  • Strengthen ethical business practices (Operation of cyber audit agency, Creation of manual for partner companies)

Expand communications with partner companies and boost business stability practices

  • Strengthen communications (Open communications hotline between INTOPS executives and partner companies, Regular meetings, Consultation about partners' VOCs)
  • Support for stabilization program (Business consultation, Support for innovation, Expansion of partner companies' participation in internal education program)

Technology development and support

  • Guide to improve technological ability (Main issues and new model development, TF group promotion, Consultation about main fields)
  • Knowledge support for product quality and fair stabilization (Support for product quality improvement consulting, Education for partner company engineers, Promotion of mutual innovation)


We know well that our growth and development is not just due to our own strength but to the existence of a healthy society that provides multiple benefits.

Before becoming members of our company, our executives were members of society. Accordingly, we comply with all social customs and country laws and regulations without exception and strive to share the benefits we have been so fortunate to receive from society.

Support for maintaining sales standard

  • UNICEF Waterplus campaign (11+ contribution of set amount of sales standard)

Strengthen support for disadvantaged members of society

  • Participate in the Sharing campaign for disadvantaged members of society with rural governments (Regional resident volunteer work, Community service groups, Financial donations)
  • Maintain regular support activities (Regular support activities for disadvantaged members of society, Support for welfare organizations, Collection of support funds during holidays and at the beginning and end of each year)

Continual Mecenat Activity

  • Support for talented artists (Regular writers' contest, Support for art exhibits, Connecting artists' works with marketable products)
  • Offer the public the opportunity to encounter works of art through heART36.5 (Street Gallery, Hosts art exhibits)

Create eco-friendly business policies and production system

  • Promote environmentally friendly policies (Focus development on eco-friendly industries, Strengthen monitoring system of department in charge)
  • Creation of eco-friendly production system (Strengthen pollution management, Use of eco-friendly methods and materials)

Core Values

Definition Ground Rule
Creative thinking Create new value with innovative technology and set new trends by eliminating fixed ideas and methods through the continuous pursuit of self-development and flexible thinking
  • Think differently
  • Continuous self-development in the pursuit of becoming the best
  • Create new value through ideas on doing things better
Passion To challenge the future and create value for sharing based on strong desire for achievement and challenge spirit, always exert rapid decision making and aggressive executive ability.
  • Challenge yourself with fearless passion
  • Work plan must be executed and I take the initiative on my work
  • Keep the desire that must achieve when performing all of works
Adhere to basic principles Follow laws and social customs, maintain the highest standards of common sense and morals
  • Use common sense; follow all rules and regulations
  • Act according to unbending principles
  • Make the keeping of ethical values and principles a part of life
Spread happiness Offer creative products and services that bring joy to users
  • Our products and services should make all people happy
  • Analyze the exact needs of customers and keep their satisfaction as the number one priority
Open communication Always put yourself in the other person's shoes, see them eye-to-eye, and listen attentively with an open mind when communicating; try to strengthen each other's weak points and help each other develop
  • Accept the diversity of other people's thoughts and the possibility of being wrong about something
  • Determine the exact intention of others and think about things from their perspective when communicating
  • Develop and maintain a symbiotically mutual network by strengthening communication with society
Mutual cooperation Create synergy through the mutual growth of INTOPS family, customers, and partner companies
  • Always think from the customer's perspective, analyze hidden demands, and contribute to customer's success
  • First analyze a partner company's difficulties and then work together to find a solution
  • Consider the expectations society places on companies to return profits and fulfill societal responsibilities through cooperation
  • Try to meet the customer's and society's demands.

INTOPS Character

謙和朴誠 勤本創幸

Respect others without inflating one's self
Get along with others harmoniously
Have a pure mind without any fluff or dishonesty
Give your all in everything you do
Remain diligent and persistent
Abide by fundamental principles and do not waver in the face of temptation
Create new value through creative thinking
Pursue a world in which everyone is happy.
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