Management Team

INTOPS was established in 1981. For the past quarter-century, we have developed into a leader in mobile phone components and grown into a company with more than 9,000 employees worldwide, including a management team composed of the most experienced technical experts in the industry.

Executive Officers

Chairman Jae-Kyung Kim

Chairman Jea-Kyung Kim

We use thousands of products over the course of our lives. These products come to take on significance to us superseding their worth as an instrument providing convenience. People look past this convenience for a product that provides more: They want a better design. They want the thrill of ownership.

But it's difficult to take a neat design and turn it into a product. So we look for and produce new materials and do research on competitive prices and ways to make a product last longer.

We work hard so that many people can enjoy and make memories with our products. We rely on experts in materials like plastic, metal, composites, fabric, and ink, factory experts in injection, molding, and automation, and on our over 30 years of manufacturing experience to do the best job we can in making good products


CEO Kuen-Ha Kim

CEO Kuen-Ha Kim

With the advent of modern society, competition between businesses is fiercer than ever. On the battlefield of this preservation economy, we at INTOPS need to think hard about how we will carve out a niche and survive. I don't want to make ourselves into a dominant company that reigns over the market with fleeting ideas, rapid influxes of capital, and cutting-edge IT technology. That course inevitably leads to a company getting caught up in a vicious cycle of unhappiness where it ends up hanging itself in the pursuit of continuous growth and victory over the competition, all despite a quick start.

Without regards to the competition, I believe our company is best, and our top objective is to carry out projects and services that contribute to human happiness, not to achieve a certain sales figure. Our ultimate goal is for members of INTOPS to create happiness for society and continue to grow. This means forming a community where we find happiness by giving it to others. This is the direction we are going at INTOPS.

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