About Intops

The products we use in our lives have meanings that go far beyond the object.
People look beyond convenience for better products with superior designs. They seek the joy of ownership.

There is a great challenge in turning good designs into functional products. We look for new materials at reasonable prices and conduct research on how to best use them for extended periods. We are committed to manufacturing superior products in order to make people have pleasant experience and memories by using them.

We capitalize on our materials experts with special knowledge of plastics, metals, etc. and more than 30 years of proven production with the latest manufacturing technologies for it.

Main HQ

Foundation: July 1981 / CEO: Keunha Kim, Sajin Chung / Sales revenue: USD 961 Million (consolidated, 2013) / Listed on KOSDAQ in 2002 / 341 of Fortune Korea 500 / Main products: Mobile devices case, Antenna, etc.

Global Networks


Mobile devices
Home appliances

Anyang: R&D, head office
Gumi: R&D, mobile devices manufacturing
Gwangju: Home appliances manufacturing
Seoul: Design – strategic partner / Cloudandco


Mobile devices
Office appliances

Tianjin: Mobile devices manufacturing


Mobile devices

Hanoi: Mobile devices manufacturing


(TecAce – Strategic partner)
Mobile devices
Embedded S/W solution

Seattle: R&D, head office

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