Scholarship Foundation

Foundation introduction

Intops-Pyeongsan scholarship foundation was established for helping students who are in need with philosophy that the road to dreams must be fair to anyone. It was founded last December 2015 with Intops, chair man Kim, and CEO Kim paying cash and shares and scholarship work is being proceeded from dividend and interest of them.

Purpose of establishment

Education is important to nation and society. Education is noble thing as it helps character building and our lives to get better. However, unfortunately, it is fact that some people miss the opportunity of education or cannot concentrate on study due to difficult family circumstances.

Intops-Pyeongsan scholarship foundation is committed to returning corporate profits to society, helping those in need to be less concerned about tuition and to devote themselves to their study so that we help them become a necessary member in the society. We believe this scholarship foundation will provide students with an opportunity to achieve their dreams without losing hope and we also believe that these students will contribute to the continuous growth of the nation.


Middle and high school students in Kyeongki province

Process of selection

Recommendation > document examination > final selection > provision of scholarship certificate

Scholarship details (64 MiddleㆍHigh schools, 64 students)

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