Ethical Management

At INTOPS, we strive to be a company that contributes valuably to human welfare by doing business honestly and transparently, using human resources and technology to create products and services that improve the quality of life of all people. To accomplish this, we have outlined our core values as creative thinking, observance of fundamentals and principles, the promotion of well-being, open communication, and mutual cooperation; and by operating with transparency through our Ethical Standards that are applicable to all staff members, we promise to actively follow through on fulfilling the duties of a corporation and all the social responsibilities requisite thereto.

These Ethical Standards are applicable to everyone at INTOPS, and we require that all 3rd party partners and related parties observe them as well.

All employees of INTOPS have a responsibility to understand and faithfully observe all relevant laws and internal regulations and Ethical Standards. They may receive guidance on issues not dealt with by our ethical standards or on issues requiring more detailed explanation by visiting our Legal Guidance Center. In those cases where our Ethical Standards and relevant statutes are in contradiction or differ, the relevant laws take precedence.

If anyone should discover behavior counter to or in violation of our Ethical Standards, or behavior that is suspected to be in violation, he or she may relay or report it through the contact section of our homepage or to the Legal Guidance Center. We will stridently protect the identity of the person who has relayed or reported the behavior and see to it that he or she is not disadvantaged.

Regulations, Rules, and Ethical Standards

Observance of national policies and regulations

  • I respect national policies and do not engage in behavior that is illegal or in violation of such policies.
  • I abide by national and regional regulations and rules and observe the ethical norms of society.
  • I do not handle information in a way that is unethical or in violation of relevant laws.
  • I respect and observe the social customs and legal framework not only of Korea, but of other countries where INTOPS operates.

Observance of company regulations and fundamental ethics

  • I accept the duties and responsibilities specified in the company's business policies and regulations.
  • Where the opinion of the individual and the company differ, I will cooperate rationally and objectively for the legal benefit of the company.
  • I will not use the assets of the company or my position within the company to pursue personal gain. I will not embezzle or misappropriate funds of the company or participate in any other unjust behavior.

Building a Sound Organizational Culture

Emphasis on teamwork and mutual respect

  • We do not discriminate on any basis.
    (Gender, religion, physical impairment, age, social identity, birthplace/nationality/race, physical condition, ethnic origin, pregnancy or birth, family makeup or family situation, skin color, ideology or political opinion, sexual orientation, level of education, military service, etc.)
  • We do not engage in any inappropriate language or action such as insults, violence, sexual harassment, or disorderly conduct that goes against the basic spirit of mutual respect.
  • We do not cause disharmony by favoring people on the basis of regional or school ties or treat others unfairly.

Forming a tight organizational culture

  • Employees will not engage in unethical behavior such as gambling. They will not accept expensive gifts or engage in actions such as financial lending or joint loans.
  • Employees will not engage in the attainment, demand, promise or the intent to provide any unfair gain such as bribes or special treats, directly or indirectly, with the company, or any interested organization, individual, or public employee.
  • We respect the right of the individual to vote and hold political opinions, but we do not involve ourselves in political activities that benefit a particular party or social group.

Fair Competition

Pursuit of a fair and free market

  • We compete in good faith through earnest efforts and do not infringe on the wealth of our competitors or take advantage of them.
  • We respect the operation of the market economy all over the world and strengthen the bond of trust with our customers through our products and services.
  • We respect the laws of the regions in Korea and abroad where we do business and strive to beat the competition fairly.

Handling and protection of intellectual property and information

  • We stridently protect important and private information of the company as well as its intellectual property and do not distribute falsified or distorted information.
  • We respect the intellectual property of others and do not copy, release, or change this property in any way.

Mutual growth with our partners

  • We do not take unjust influence over any dealings with others by using the superiority of our position.
  • All dealings take place at a mutually fair location and are executed through fair conditions and processes.
  • We adhere to a stature of respect for the mutual trust between us and our partners and seek to raise our profits and company profile together.

Respect for Customers/Stockholders/Employees

Respect for customers

  • We put customer satisfaction above all else and deliver products and services of the highest quality. We keep promises to our customers.
  • We always listen to our customers' concerns, consider their suggestions and complaints, and place the customer first in our judgments and actions.
  • With the understanding that our success is tied to the satisfaction of our customer, we strive to create the value the customer demands.

Respect for stockholders and investors

  • We will raise the profitability of shareholders and investors by achieving business results through proper investments and operating strategy.
  • We will boost our market value and make profits through sound business practices.
  • We will do business transparently and intelligently to secure the trust of investors and stockholders.

Respect for employees

  • We will offer equal opportunities to our employees and treat employees fairly according to their efforts and contributions.
  • We will insist that our employees continuously seek personal growth and assist them in raising their job-related capabilities.
  • We will create a happy working environment that inspires creativity.
  • We will not discriminate on the basis of educational background, hometown, gender, age, or religion.

Valuing Safety, the Environment

Environmentally-friendly business operation

  • We observe all international standards, laws, and internal regulations related to environmental protection.
  • We strive to help protect the environment and participate in activities that foster the health of the local environment.
  • We lead the way in conserving and recycling natural resources.

Safety first

  • We observe all international standards, laws, and internal regulations related to safety.
  • We observe safety standards and prevent safety accidents by promoting a pleasant working environment.
  • We do not produce products that harm human health and safety.

Social Responsibility/Social Contributions

Observance of basic societal responsibilities

  • We accept all the duties and responsibilities shared by members of society and strive to raise the level of trust within the company.
  • We contribute to public prosperity by sincerely paying our taxes and creating stable employment opportunities.
  • We respect regional laws, cultures, and values and raise the quality of life of the people.

Contribute to society

  • We contribute to societal development through activities that benefit the public like literature and art, culture, and physical education.
  • We actively participate in charitable activities such as disaster recovery and volunteer work.
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