A sincere approach to people

Good products are not made merely with expensive machinery and the best technology. A careful understanding of all processes and a tremendous amount of time is required to accumulate the necessary manufacturing know-how. Each day must be dedicated to methodically honing a craft with an uncompromising attitude for quality. The manufacturing sites for all INTOPS products are brimming with master artisans with a strong foundation of technique built over many years and distilled into an art form.

“Continuous self-development, persistence, and belief in yourself are what make an artisan. Dies are a part of my life as it is a way of life. Over two-thirds of my life was dedicated to dies, and a belief that they form the framework of my life was applied to each and every die and carefully handled. I’ve devoted 25 years to creating the best dies with reverence and pride. Even though I’ve worked through many sleepless nights, there is no equal to the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with creating a die and an exceptional product.”



We make a lot of efforts to make flawless products. If we are unsatisfied with our products, we spend more time and put more efforts until we are satisfied with what we make. We believe that we can’t satisfy or inspire anyone with our products that we are not satisfied with.




We never watch the clock when we make products because we believe that concentration is the most important factor to make the right product just as the sunlight needs to be focused in order to burn things. Persistent concentration is the true foundation of making the right product.




We believe that nothing can be accomplished with our endless passion. Nothing is impossible for us if we have courage and passion. Opportunities are discovered by passion and that energy is born from our products.




Teaching someone can be a more difficult task than learning from someone if we don’t have knowledge, know-how and our own philosophy; however, our masters can’t be more happy to share their experiences with others.

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