INTOPS, where each customer's personal information is immensely valued and protected at all costs

INTOPS Co., Ltd. ('') protects the privacy and interests of users in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and To help you handle your grievance, we have the following policy:

INTOPS Co., Ltd. will notify you through the website notice (or individual notice) when the company revises the privacy policy.

  • This policy takes effect on January 1, 2020.

1. Purpose of processing personal information

INTOPS Co., Ltd. ('') processes personal information for the following purposes. The processed personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the following purposes, and if the purpose of use is changed, prior consent will be obtained.

A. Providing Goods or Services

We process personal information for the purpose of providing content, etc.

B. Other

We process personal information for questions and answers.

2. Privacy file status

1. Personal Information File Name: Intops Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

  • Personal information items: email, mobile phone number, name, title, department, company name
  • Collection method: homepage (Q & A, IR inquiry, online support)
  • Basis for retention: Preservation by customer care
  • Period of retention: Upon individual request
  • Related Laws:

3. Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information

A. INTOPS Co., Ltd. processes and retains personal information within the period of possession and use of personal information pursuant to the law or within the period of possession and use of personal information agreed to when collecting personal information from the information subject.

B. Each personal information processing and retention period is as follows.


Personal information related to will be retained and used for the above purposes from the date of agreement on collection and use to .

  • Basis for retention: Preservation by customer care
  • Related Laws:
  • Reason for exception:

4. Rights and obligations of data subjects and legal representatives and how to exercise them As a personal data subject, users can exercise the following rights.

A. The information subject may exercise the right to access, modify, delete, or stop processing personal information at any time with respect to Intops.

B. The exercise of rights under Paragraph 1 may be made to Intops in writing, e-mail, or FAX in accordance with Article 41 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act. Will take action without delay.

C. You can exercise your rights under Paragraph 1 through a representative such as the legal representative of the data subject or the person who has been delegated. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney according to Form 11 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Privacy Act.

D. Requests for viewing and suspension of personal information may be restricted by the subject of information subject to Article 35 (5) and Article 37 (2) of the Personal Information Protection Act.

E. The request for correction or deletion of personal information cannot be requested to be deleted if other personal information is specified for collection.

F. Intops Co., Ltd. confirms that the person who made the request, such as request for viewing, correction or deletion, or request for suspension of processing under the information subject's right, is the person or rightful agent.

5. Create an item of personal information that we process

A. INTOPS Co., Ltd. ('') processes the following personal information items.

1 (Shoes or service delivery)

  • Required items: email, login ID, service usage record
  • Optional:

6. Destruction of Personal Information

will destroy the personal information without delay when the purpose of processing personal information is achieved in principle. The procedures, deadlines and methods of destruction are as follows:

The Company, in principle, does not provide your personal information externally. However, exceptions are as follows.

  • Destruction Procedures
  • Information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB (separate documents in the case of paper) after the purpose is achieved and stored after a period of time or immediately destroyed in accordance with internal policies and other relevant laws and regulations. At this time, the personal information transferred to the DB will not be used for other purposes unless required by law.

  • Destroyed
  • If the personal information of the user has passed the retention period of the personal information, such personal information has become unnecessary within 5 days of the end of the retention period, such as achieving the purpose of processing personal information, abolishing the service, or terminating the business. The Company will destroy the personal information within 5 days of the date when it is deemed unnecessary.

  • How to destroy
  • The information in the form of electronic files uses a technical method that cannot reproduce the record.

7. Matters concerning the installation, operation and rejection of the automatic collection of personal information

Intops does not use 'cookies' that store and retrieve information from the data subjects from time to time.

8. Create a privacy officer

A. Intops Co., Ltd. ('') is responsible for the handling of personal information and handles complaints of information subjects related to personal information processing. In addition, the following personal information protection officers are designated for damage relief.

- Privacy Officer

  • Name: Yoon Hyun Bum
  • Title: Team leader
  • Title: Manager
  • Contact: 031-441-4181,,
    - You will be directed to the department in charge of personal information protection.

- Privacy Department

  • Department: Human Resources Team
  • Contact: 031-441-4181,,

B. Information subjects should inquire about any personal information protection inquiries, complaints, or damages caused by using the service (or business) of Intops Co., Ltd. (''). You can contact the Privacy Officer and the department in charge. Intops Co., Ltd. ("") will respond promptly to the information subject's inquiries.

9. Privacy Policy Change

A. This Privacy Policy will be applied from the effective date. If there are any additions, deletions, or corrections in accordance with the laws and policies, the notice will be notified 7 days before the change.

10. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information

INTOPS Co., Ltd. takes the technical, administrative and physical measures necessary to secure safety in accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

1. Encryption of Personal Information

The user's personal information is stored and managed with a password, so only the user can know it, and important data uses a separate security function, such as encrypting files and transmitted data or using file locking.

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