grecipe project

Global annual plastic production was 359 million tons, 80% of which have been landfilled or incinerated and 10% have been unmanaged and dumped into the sea. And only 36 million tons which is 10% of them were collected and incorporated into the recycling cycle. (※ Source: Plastics-the Facts 2019, Plastics Europe Market Research Group)

Plastic waste problem is a significant global challenge to resolve. Microplastics thrown into the ocean threaten the marine ecosystem and carbon dioxide (CO2) from incineration is causing global warming. Realizing the seriousness of these problems, Intops, as a Korean global manufacturer that mass-produces not only plastic but also various materials, started a ‘grecipe project' to create a new product using discarded materials through sustainable material research by feeling deeply about the responsibilities concerning environmental issues.

We have established a virtuous cycle system by screening and recycling defective products generated at production plant and also, developed eco-friendly composite materials using discarded plastic, wood, and leather from the production plant. Eco-friendly tower block is the first grecipe project product which are made with the composite material that consist of about 540g of discarded plastic and 143g of discarded wood.

Intops plan to introduce various products to the world by managing discarded plastics in the production plant within the resource circulation cycle and upcycling them into a new value-added product.

We will constantly strive to become a social enterprise that leads the way on environmental problems through the grecipe project.

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