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Launching the right product at the right time in the right way is absolutely crucial to market success. A "right product" is one that is designed in consideration of convenience and usability to provide a pleasant experience as well as value to its users. However, that value will inevitably decrease unless such a product is launched at just the right time. In addition, the philosophy of the company should be reflected in products during its production. Although this entire process may sound obvious, it's not always easy in practice. A product is not merely the end result of making something, but rather a reflection of the maker's character and mindset. Intops launched the "Paper Program" to support stable entrepreneurship environments and the continued growth of domestic and international hardware startups based on 34 years of manufacturing experience and know-how.

The primary goal of Paper Program is to assist in the successful launching of a "right product" by a technologically-competitive hardware startup company. Through Paper Program, customers with an exceptional idea and prototype receive support for design, technology, manufacturing, investment capital, marketing, and other critical aspects of production and grow together with Intops from conceptualization to final product. Are you ready to put your idea into motion?

Paper Program Process and Procedures

Paper Program Process

Apply & Search

  • A hardware startup company applies online via the Contact Us link below.
  • The program itself is also a catalyst for other promising hardware startups in addition to the online applicants.
  • Potential partners are limited to hardware startup companies and must either be a sole business proprietorship or corporate entity. A demonstrable prototype of the product must already be completed.

Evaluation & Partnership

  • Intops determines whether an applicant is eligible for participation in Paper Program through a technical and feasibility review.
  • The scope of the support or collaboration in the design, development, manufacturing, investment, and marketing categories is determined after program participation is finalized.
  • A strategic partnership MOU is signed.


  • Product design is supported via the Intops in-house design department or collaboration with Cloudandco, an Intops strategic partner.
  • Intops provides support for machinery, circuitry, and software development as well as parts procurement, sample production, and mold and jig making.


  • A manufacturing agreement is signed after determining the production period and MOQ.
  • A production line is set and product maturity is evaluated via pilot production.
  • Parts procurement and production begins when all aspects are determined to be ready.

Crowdfunding, Sales & Marketing

  • Intops provides professional collaborative services for planning, video recording, and other marketing activities to attract funding and maintain global PR through domestic and international crowdfunding sites.
  • Products will be promoted via various marketing channels.

Investment Support

Intops and the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) entered into a co-investment agreement to discover promising domestic startups and promote win-win business relationships through equal one-to-one investments. Through such efforts, Intops and IBK are able to furnish stable funding for business operations, provide consulting services to raise the corporate value of startups, and support marketing and promotion efforts at home and abroad.

Paper Program Funding


Through development, manufacturing, and design collaboration and support, Paper Program aims to create an environment in which hardware-based startups can focus on product development and realize core new technologies in actual products so that their value can be shared among consumers.

In addition, the program is focused on providing and sharing the know-how gained in a variety of manufacturing sectors so that a startup company receives the assistance it needs to mass-produce the best product and achieve market success. Promising domestic startups selected for Paper Program can concentrate on R&D and product development through a long-term collaborative relationship with Intops and enjoy mutual growth and success.

The prime cost of production is obtained based on highly accurate data. A product must be more sophisticated in design with a higher degree of completeness than other comparable products to achieve the best possible product perception from customers and be recognized for the effort that was poured into its creation.

Paper Program is a differentiated program that began with a full understanding of the fundamental difficulties that competent domestic and international hardware startups experience from concept to production.


Q1. Are there any application limitations for Paper Program?

The purpose of the program is providing manufacturing know-how, Intops' forte as a hardware manufacturer, to manufacturing-based startups. As such, Intops only accepts applications from hardware startups. There are no other application restrictions.

Q2. How does a startup company apply for Paper Program?

Click Apply from the menu to begin your application process. Please be sure to be as complete as possible on the application form and attach a company profile and/or business plan to proceed with the screening process. An attached sample image of the developed product will help greatly in providing us with better insight into the actual product and vision.

Q3. What's involved in the screening process?

If a valid application has been submitted, an Intops evaluator specializing in your field will proceed with a technical assessment of the product. A comprehensive evaluation of the technical level, production potential, and marketability will be conducted. The estimated time required is approximately two to three weeks. The evaluator may contact you for verification or any further inquiries during the evaluation process. A company that is selected in the primary selection phase will be invited to Intops for a meeting or IR. The final participant will be selected through a screening with in-house and independent experts.

Q4. Do all selected startups receive investment support? What is the scale of the investment?

As the purpose of this program is to foster the development and manufacturing of hardware, a startup company that is selected will receive various types of support related to hardware manufacturing. Although that includes investment capital support, it does not necessarily mean that all selected startup companies will receive investments. If a selected company requires financial support, however, the investment scale will be calculated accordingly in consideration of the level of product development and expected production costs.

Q5. What are the investment conditions?

The investment will result in Intops acquiring a stake in the startup company as a shareholder. The invested funds must be used for product development, design, and production costs in accordance with the primary purpose of the program.

Five Papers

Paper Program specifically consists of Design, Manufacturing, Support, Seed, and Marketing, and each category includes the following:


  • Design reflects an intrinsic value that is higher than a product's face value. It offers the pleasure of ownership to the user by remaining faithful to the original product performance and functionality with an underlying simple and intuitive design philosophy.


  • "Make the right product. Deliver in the right way." With this philosophy and 34 years of manufacturing experience and know-how, the right product will be made in the right way and launched at the right time.


  • Experienced manufacturing professionals in each respective field (materials sourcing, mechanical design, circuitry design, surface treatment technologies, processing technologies, and parts procurement) will provide the necessary support for product development.


  • Intops and IBK entered into a co-investment agreement for equal one-to-one investments to foster promising startups from initial hardware development and prototyping to production (of a certain scale).


  • Products will be promoted through the various domestic and international tech, design, and fashion marketing channels and networks we have available at our disposal.
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Startups discovered by this program will be added.



RAINUS developed ESL(Electronic Shelf Label) device called "Infortab" which replaces paper labels in retail markets, warehouses.

Embrace tracks your activity, stress and overall body balance.

Bagel Labs is the developer of the Bagel smart tape measure, which helps users easily measure, record, and use size data.

Dot is a company that develops and manufactures assistive technology-based wearable smart devices for the disabled. is an artificial intelligence company focused on powerful and delightful experiences in the home. Integrating with IoT devices spanning connected lights, speakers, cameras, televisions, locks, shades, and more, enables whole home voice control.

New way of expressing yourself "Skin Printer".Prinker drews fabulous and splendid images on your skin that is easily erasable.

Prinics' proprietary technology is used in its printer engines and cartridges.

We are new media company. We discover things that are disconnected, unloved and not fun, but everyone uses in life. We redesign, make it simple and reconnect them with people through service and contents.

Naran makes personal server computers based on Prota, an operating system for micro servers, specialized in IoT and automation.

LOCOOP develops and manufactures a new type of 3D Printer.

eightcups is a smart bottle that helps you to be hydrated. eightcups calculates recommended amount water intake and alerts you before you become thirsty. The amount of water intake will be automatically updated on the mobile application.

KIWI Watch is not just a phone for kids. It is also a smart device that can send text messages through voice recognition, track locations of the user real time, and provides useful educational contents.

The world's first, 3D 360° VR Camera from Two-EyesTech. Now take pictures at multiple angles and rotate the images as you want.

ApplyThe field with (필수) is required field.

Paper Program is open to all hardware-based startup companies. Any startup with passion and ambition can apply.

Company Name
Phone Number (Mobile) E-mail
How did you find out about Paper Program? (500 characters maximum.)
Please explain the key features and differentiators of your hardware product. (500 characters maximum.)
In what stage of development is your product currently in? (500 characters maximum.)
In what particular area do you want to receive support through Paper Program? (500 characters maximum.)
Please attach your company profile, business plan, and product images.
  • Please attach any files that may be useful in describing your company and product. (10 MB maximum.)
  • Please use a file compression tool (WinZip, etc.) if you're attaching multiple files.
  • Submitted documents will never be used for any purpose other than originally intended.
  • Your application may be canceled for submitting any falsified documents.













Please check your e-mail (from which the original application was submitted)
for the Paper Programselection results. Future schedules will be provided
on an individual basis only to applicants who pass the document screening.
We extend our sincere gratitude to all applicants interested in Paper Program.
Please send any questions you may have to

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